Staff Travel on The Internet


If you are unsure about your staff travel eligibility contact this e mail link with your personal details allow a couple of days for a response

Also read the attached file

Revised Staff travel eligibility criteria

Staff travel is now booked on the internet use internet explorer Chrome or bing. Google search

Dont forget the small u in front of your staff number

Colleagues in the USA and India can continue to use their existing numbers but any other colleagues overseas can use the number below.

UK: +44 (0) 207 949 3081 (0800hrs - 1700hrs UK local time, Daily )

USA: 1-800 782 3387   ( 2330hrs -1600hrs, Monday to Friday )

India: +91 124 4120708 ( 0900hrs-0130hrs, Daily)

Rest of World: +44 (0) 207 949 3081 (0800hrs 1700hrs UK local time, Daily)  

If staff are away from base and are unable to manage their booking online and need to contact Staff Travel, they can call the local number depending on which region their destination comes under.   


Contact Chris Walker on Friday mornings for staff travel password updates. Find your date of joining BA before you call    0208 513 2010

Employment start date at BA is a mandatory security question. If you do not know the answer ring Pensions 020 8538 2100 or look at your retirement pass if you have one



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