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 Want a good read over Christmas then I suggest "Love and Laughter Around the World" written by Rowena Harker Leder a former Stewardess who flew with BOAC from 1961 - 1972. Her website is                         


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BA Retired Staff Association
British Airways Distribution Centre (BADC)
Green Lane, Hounslow
Phone numbers remain the same
0208 513 2525 / 0208 513 2010

The RSA are looking for an assistant to the Treasurer. They must be an RSA member or associate and if possible have served in a financial position within BA. If you are interested please make first contact with Norma Rhys on 0208 513 2010 / 2525 (Tuesday morning)


 BA Pensions publishing Absent Friends link


Plane Saver link


Travel Concessions Online help.


Travel Insurance (pre-existing medical conditions)


RSA Membership is 25.00 for life  Application form


Staff Travel problems from Feb 01 2021 ring:-

UK: +44                       (0) 207 949 3081 

USA:                               1-800 782 3387

India: +91                          124 4120708

Rest of World: +44  (0) 207 949 3081


crest insurance


Crest Insurance Consultants provide a full range of discounted insurance services for BA Retired Staff including travel insurance



Contact us on 0208 513 2010 / 2525

E mail:  Retired Staff Association Secretary Norma Rhys

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