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Major changes to Staff Travel

In 2009 BA changed its policy relating to staff travel. Former staff can now only get travel concessions for the number of years service they did at BA. Example: If you did 20 years service and have been retired for twenty years your travel entitlement  has come to an end. Those people that met that criteria in 2009 were given an extra 5 years. This agreement expired on 31st March 2014. Over 30,000 former staff have lost their travel concessions.

Unsure of your staff travel entitlement. Next time you login refer to "News For Former Staff"(right hand side of page). Click on "View My Travel Eligibility end date on ConcessionsOnline".


Staff travel is now booked on the internet. Google search


If your password has run out and you are still entitled to one call 0208 562 4000 and answer some security questions to have it reset. 


For a more personal touch this service is available on a Friday between the hours of 09.00 & 12.30 Just ask for Chris Walker (Retired Staff Association) on 0208 513 2010 / 2525 who will be pleased to help.


Please ensure you know your start date at BA before ringing.



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