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BA Clubs Newsletter June 2020



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The RSA office will be closed for the forseeable future due to the COVID-19 virus. If you need to urgently make contact with the RSA Norma Rhys has agreed to be available to help you.                            

Call her on 01628 666270.

Please stay safe and follow the government guidlines

Important notice for Ilfracombe Holiday. This trip has been delayed until May 2021. We do apologise but COVID-19 has overtaken us


There are 3 vacancies on the RSA Management Committee. Anyone who wishes to join the committee please contact the office. Names should be submitted before the 30th April. The election will close on 30th June.


 BA Pensions publishing Absent Friends link


Plane Saver link


Travel Concessions Online help.


Travel Insurance (pre-existing medical conditions)


RSA Membership is 25.00 for life  Application form


Staff Travel problems ring:- UK 0344 4930764   outside UK +44 161 4475665


crest insurance


Crest Insurance Consultants provide a full range of discounted insurance services for BA Retired Staff including travel insurance


Contact us on 0208 513 2010 / 2525

E mail:  Retired Staff Association Secretary Norma Rhys