British Airways Retired Staff Association Constitution



1.   The name of the Association shall be British Airways Retired Staff Association
2.   The purpose of the Association shall be to promote and organise social and

       facilities for the benefit of members.
3.   In furtherance of this purpose, the Association, through its Committee, shall be empowered to:
          a) Collect and receive money and funds by way of subscriptions and donations
          b) Accept and receive gifts of property, articles or services that will benefit the Association.
          c) Pay out of the Associations funds monies for goods and services provided, should be

              authorised by the Executive Committee.
          d) Publish information to members through the RSA website


4.    The Association shall consist of Members, and Honorary Members.
          a) Membership is open to retired staff of British Airways and Associated Company’s
          b) There shall be no age qualification for those receiving an ill-health pensions from

               the Airways Pension Scheme provided they had completed not less than five years

               of service on retirement.

Honorary Members

6.    Honorary Members may be appointed by the Committee from time to time.

Application for Membership

7.    Application for Membership shall be made to the Membership Secretary of the Committee

       on the prescribed form, and the Committee may approve or reject any application without

       assigning any reason. On approval of an application by the Committee, the applicant shall become

       a member of the Association.


8.    The Association shall be managed by a Committee of ten elected Members of the Association, and

        ex officio a representative of British Airways and it’s Associate Companies.

9.    Membership of the Committee for elected members shall not exceed three years

       continuously, but they shall be eligible for re-election at the end of this term.

10.  The Committee shall annually appoint from their members a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer

        and Secretary, to be called the Executive Committee, at the annual election.

11.  The Committee may at their discretion co-opt from time to time, as circumstances may

        require, additional members, who may or may not be members of the Association to assist or

        advise the Committee on any particular subject.

12.  The Committee shall meet not less than eight times a year. The quorum for any meeting of the

       Committee shall be not less than seven members. If the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are not

       present at a meeting the Committee shall elect a Chairman for that meeting. 

       Committee Members are expected to attend all Management Committee Meetings.

13.  The Committee may appoint sub-committees to deal with particular subjects or activities as

        necessary and in doing so, shall specify their terms of reference and authority. Sub-committees

        shall report to the main Committee where approval for projects or guidance on policy is required.

        All members elected are expected to attend the RSA office weekly. In addition to their

        specific committee duties, and to assist in all functions. If in the opinion, of the committee any

        members fail to discharge these duties, or do not attend three consecutive meetings, without

        reasonable cause, they may by Resolution and a vote of two thirds of the members present, be asked

        to resign.

14.  The procedure for the election of Members of the Association to the Committee shall be as follows:
          a) The Secretary shall notify all Members of the Association when vacancies for Committee

               Members occur. Any Member may nominate in writing any other member for election to

               the Committee, provided this is agreed by the Member nominated and seconded by one

               other Member. Nomination and ballot forms for the election of the Committee Members to

               be available from the office of the Management Committee, at Provincial Centres,               

                and at Association Days, after due notice on the RSA “Website”.
          b) Nominations shall be sent to the Secretary, who shall notify the nominations to all

              Ordinary Members of the Association via “RSA Website”. A vote will be taken,

              voting forms being made available for all Members who request them.
          c) When vacancies occur within six months instead of the above procedure the members who hold

               the highest number of votes next to the last member elected at the election shall be offered

               the vacancies.


15.  In order to raise funds for the purpose of the Association, there shall be a life subscription. The amount

       of the life subscription shall be  reviewed annually by the Committee prior to the Annual Meeting to

       take account of changes in the cost of living.



           a) The Treasurer shall keep such books of accounts as will enable him/her to present to

                the membership an audited income and expenditure account for each financial year and a

                balance sheet as at the last day to present to the membership.

           b) The Treasurer shall not be responsible for the accounts of the Provincial Centres.

General Meeting

17.  The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall normally be held annually. At least 14 days

        notice in writing of the meeting shall be notified on the RSA website and any notice board available.

18.  The Chairman of the Committee, or at least five members of the Association by written request to

        the Chairman of the Committee, may summon a Special General Meeting of the Association.

        Similar notice to that of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Members, together with

        details of the business to be discussed at the Special Meeting.

Amendment Of The Constitution

19.  Amendment of this Constitution may be made by the Association only at its Annual General Meeting

       or any Special General Meeting by a majority of two thirds or more of the members present and a

       vote will be taken.


20.  The Association may be dissolved at any time by a Resolution passed by a two thirds majority of

       those present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the

       Association. The Secretary shall advise all members via the “RSA Website” or appropriate notice

       board at least 21 clear days notice of such Resolution prior to the meeting.

21.  Where a Resolution is passed in accordance with paragraph 20 above, the disposal of any assets held

        by or in the name of the Association will be given to charities agreed by members attending the meeting

Amended 16th July 2012