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British Airways Pensions

Whitelocke House, 2-4 Lampton Road,

[S545] Hounslow, Middx, TW3 1HU

Tel : 020 8538 2100  Fax: 020 8513 2190 

Staff Travel Office                     Web Site.

Please note:-  All ticket requests are now to be made online including other operators.

If you do not own a computer there are several Terminals in the BA Concorde Club and also Vanguard House to make bookings from. Keep your BASAFE log on up to date. Passwords expire every 90 days. Contact IM on 0208 562 4000 or Chris Walker on 0208 513 2010 / 2525 (RSA office Friday morning only) to update.


Should you experience any problems when you check in online for your confirmed flight for you and your nominees, please contact staff travel during the following times:
Up to 31 May 0600 2200hrs BST daily including Saturday and Sunday
From 01 June 0700 2000hrs BST daily including Saturday and Sunday
From the UK 0344 4930764
From outside the UK 00 44 161 4475665
Similarly, if you are unable to check in at the airport and the airport teams are unable to assist please also contact staff travel on the above numbers.


Please note that complex queries may need to be referred to an advisor during the core hours of 0900-1700 and you may be asked

to call back during these hours if your query cannot be handled immediately


Ticket Refunds Unit  

Most ticket refunds can now be reclaimed on line however there are occasions when when this is not possible

Refunds Department,

R46 HDA1, Waterside,

PO Box 365,


Middlesex UB7 OGB

Telephone:  0208 564 2111 (option 6)     Fax: 0208 738 9353

 British Airways Clubs  

BA Clubs Imperial College Venue (S544)




Contact:       020 851 (32021)



Liaison Council

e mail: