Come along and join us for a Singalong for Christmas. We are sure a number of you will be happy to come along after 18 months of lockdown and want to enjoy our new Freedom.

We would leave Commonwealth Coaches at 1200 for the 1400 performance. Traffic being what it is these days it is best to leave plenty of time. As we are no longer based in Heston and British Airways have no connection with the premises there we have had to find alternatives for parking. Commonwealth Coaches have kindly offered us FREE parking when we use their coaches, that is a tremendous bonus. The alternative would be for us to just give you a pick up point as other Clubs do and you would have to find your way there. The exact address is Holloway Farm, Harmondsworth Road, Harmondsworth UB7 9JS. If you are unsure where it is it might be worth doing a “dummy” run beforehand. It is 5 minutes off the Bath Road.

The programme for the Singalong is the usual favourite songs plus popular Carols. We have booked excellent seats in the centre stalls and have a £10 discount on the public price for a group. As we all know everything has gone up since March 2020 but this is beyond our control. After the concert we will take you to see the Christmas lights in the West End. A nice pre Christmas trip after the miserable one a lot of us experienced last year.

If you would like to go the price will be £55 for members and £57 for non members.

Please complete your booking form and send to the address on the form.