RSA Management Committee ( Heathrow )


To speak to a member of the team, please ring Tel + 44 (0)208 513 2010 / + 44 (0)208 513 2525 

     Days Available:-

          Monday          Sandra Fletcher  

Holidays & Outings

         Wednesday          Philomena Dacuna   Holidays and outings
         Tuesday          Margaret Currie   Treasurer, Association Days
         Tuesday          Ted Turner   Chairman / Provincial Centres
         Wednesday          Norma Rhys   Secretary Holidays & Outings
      Monday          Pat French     Internet, Database, Communications 
  Thursday          Gulzar Jaffer   Holidays and outings



         Marjorie Hallett

  Membership Secretary
  Friday          Nancy Saunders   Association Days



         Chris Walker

  Internet, Database, Communications


         Mickie Stewart

  Holidays & Outings