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Retired Staff Association Application for Membership


FROM: (Block Letters Please)


MEMBERS TITLE:______SURNAME: ___________________FIRST NAME:_______________


HOME ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________








TELEPHONE No:   ______________________   E. MAIL: ______________________________


         MEMBER : Single/Married/Widow(er) (delete as appropriate) 


 SPOUSE NAME:_______________________


I wish to apply for Membership of the Retired Staff Association and enclose Life Subscription of 25.00


DATE OF ENGAGEMENT:_______________ DATE OF RETIREMENT:________________ 



I have completed ten years employment with British Airways and I wish to apply for membership of the Retired Staff Association

and enclose a Life Subscription of 25.00. I understand membership remains valid until cancelled in writing.


                    DATE:______________ STAFF NO: _______________ SIGNED: _____________________


 For Your Protection.
 British Airways will retain the personal data you supply to the RSA records and relating
 to your membership. We respect the privacy of our members and take the
 security of our data very seriously


British Airways Retired Staff Association 

Imperial College "Heston"

Crane Lodge Rd

Middlesex TW5 9PQ

Tel + 44 (0) 20 8513 2010 / + 44 (0)20 8513 2525