The next AGM will be held Monday 19 August 2019

RSA Management Committee Election

Three people have now served on the committee for three years and are up for re-election at the RSA AGM on the 19th August 2019. They are Norma Rhys (Assistant Chair / Secretary), Pat French (Communications) and Michael Stuart (Holidays & Outings). They have all expressed an interest in remaining on the RSA Committee for a further three years and have put their names forward.

As no new applications were received before the 1st May 2019  the above members have been re elected to serve for a further three years

If anybody feels they have something to contribute and would like to assist the RSA into the future please contact Ted Turner or Norma Rhys at the office on 0208 513 2010 who would be pleased to offer help and advice.

Minutes AGM 2018